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Price list

Discover affordable and stylish interior design services with our comprehensive price list.

Consultation – £150 – £500

This price is for a budget of up to £5,000, tailored to your specific project needs. This includes:

  • Project Consultation. This involves a sit-down or a video call guide, depending on the scale of the client project.
  • Furniture layout plan. This will involve furniture placement and furniture scheduling as well.
  • All documents submitted to the client will be digital rather than printed/presented in person.

PROJECT DESIGN – £500 – £2,000

This price list is for a budget above £5,000 but below £20,000, tailored to your specific project needs. This includes:

  • In-person Consultation.
  • Proposal Design layout. This includes a 2D floor plan with furniture layout and schedules as well.
  • Detailed/Construction drawings will also be provided.
  • They have detailed tender documents to get quotes from qualified Contractors.


This would suit a total project budget of over £20,000. This includes:

  • All of the above plus:
    • Provision of a B.o.q for the project.
    • Project management for the Contractor.
    • Purchasing on your behalf.
    • 3D render views and a video. (usually an additional fee per visual).
    • We fully co-ordinated services with minimal input or effort required from clients.
Residential £150
Commercial £250